Palmer Roscoe Haynes

MOUNT HOREB-Palmer Roscoe Haynes, poet and retired architect, died Sunday, Sept. 6, 2020, at home in Mount Horeb, Wis. He was born in Madison General Hospital on Sunday, Sept. 8, 1935. He often told his family: “If you stand on the south sidewalk and look up at the higher windows; that was the nursery.”

Palmer was the second born son to Roscoe Almon Haynes and Beth Miles Haynes, of Evansville, Wis. He completed two grades in rural Tullar School, graduated from Evansville High School and Kansas State University. He was a summer intern in the office of architect, John Steinmann, Monticello, Wis. As a registered architect he brought his own spirit to the offices of Weiler and Strang, John J. Flad, now Flad and Associates, and Potter Design Group, all of Madison.

Mr. Haynes as a youth sold November 11th poppies door to door because his father said he could learn something. Haynes volunteered 20 years maintaining Dr. Francis Hole’s research soil plots in the UW Madison Arboretum. Haynes was one of many players in restoring the Chicago and North Western depot in Ridgeway, Wis.

He is survived by his wife of sixty years, Lydia (Chambers) Haynes; daughter, Catherine Haynes (Betty Marshall) of Stoughton; son, Doug E. L. Haynes (JungJa Lee) of Madison; granddaughter, Hyunji Beth Lee Haynes (s.o. James Hegge) of Madison; AFS son, Manuel Talledo (Heuris) of Stockton; nephew, Matthew Haynes (Mary Aller); nieces, Debra Beth Smith (Phillip) and Dawn Hernandez (Roy) and their extended California families. Mr. Haynes is preceded in death by his parents; and his brother, Chauncey Almon Haynes and his wife, Joanne of Mariposa, Calif. During retirement Mr. Haynes regularly wrote and self published poetry, and said of each: “Of the creative processes, of architecture and poetry; the outcome of poetry is instantly more gratifying.” This is one of his poems from March, 2009.

stickers announce:
I’d rather be
and my favorite,
I’d rather be
here,    now.

A Zoom memorial service will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020. The family is grateful for the support of Agrace HospiceCare in the final days of Palmer’s life.

Gifts in Palmer’s memory may be given to Porchlight, Inc., or Friends of Military Ridge Trail, PO Box 373, Mt. Horeb WI 53572.

Remembrances are being gathered at and at


  1. Barb Guenther

    Enjoyed very much your Dad’s poems , Doug…. I especially liked Oak Wood , Haymaker’s Apprentice and My Name . Bumper was wonderful too . He has left you , your Mom , the rest of your family and all who knew him , such a gift of literary works and wonderful memories ! You will see and think of him in so many places he showed and took you to through his poetry .

  2. Diane B Adams

    His precious “poet voice” will live on. Thank you for making them accessible to everyone. Diane Adams

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