My name,

my name is Palmer
I like my name

Greeted as Parker or Paul
the Palmer pronunciation
is often misinterpreted

When I visited to play with her son
Mrs. Patterson called me “Poly”
always a friendly  “Poly”

High school friends
It was “Chaunce”, my brother
I accepted the peer honorary

Friend Lew said I was “Mooch”
a comic strip character,
with unknown underlying meaning

Parmer was Dad”s pronouncement
once for fun, I told a friend
I was always, Parmer after that

Mom didn’t take sides on pronunciation
Bro was named for Uncle Chauncey
Beth”s lineage was included

Uncle Palmer was a Brooklyn merchant
his daughter, Beth, survived a serious illness
Roscoe’s lineage was included

My name is Palmer
I like the sound of my name
I like my name very much

Palmer R. Haynes

© February, 2015

December Glorious

Walked with a setting December sun,
forty degrees fair and windless, one last
balmy day, before declared winter.
Roadside Oaks have back brushed sepia crowns,
their clingy foliage refused to fall, our easy
solar blue was measured between the wood.
Sun’s rays crawled in fallow bean stubble,
climbed up the far wood line, ink black
trunks supported more crowning sepias.
The grand finale sits on the West ridge, normally red,
this brassy barn displayed a fleeting South face, and
nearby a farm house window glowed as fine crystal.

Palmer R. Haynes
December, 2018

Blue Valley Pines by Doug Haynes