My name,

my name is Palmer
I like my name

Greeted as Parker or Paul
the Palmer pronunciation
is often misinterpreted

When I visited to play with her son
Mrs. Patterson called me “Poly”
always a friendly  “Poly”

High school friends
It was “Chaunce”, my brother
I accepted the peer honorary

Friend Lew said I was “Mooch”
a comic strip character,
with unknown underlying meaning

Parmer was Dad”s pronouncement
once for fun, I told a friend
I was always, Parmer after that

Mom didn’t take sides on pronunciation
Bro was named for Uncle Chauncey
Beth”s lineage was included

Uncle Palmer was a Brooklyn merchant
his daughter, Beth, survived a serious illness
Roscoe’s lineage was included

My name is Palmer
I like the sound of my name
I like my name very much

Palmer R. Haynes

© February, 2015

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