A Diary of Dates

24 July
; Camp Greenleaf, Georgia trains Army Veterinarians.
I am to become a Medical Corp man.

27 August; aboard the troopship USS Great Northern;“I could never imagine the ocean so large until I actually crossed it.”
my hammock is so small; “I wasn’t a bit fearful.”

3 September; ship docked at Liverpool; “an English soldier
gave me a postcard welcome from King George V”.
“the English have received us with the greatest of joy”

4 September; “Mother: I expect you were surprised to getthe card telling I was safely across.

20 October; we marched to the front, many horse
drawn ambulances are going the opposite way,
men bandaged, some sitting up others laying down
the regimental commander assigned our medical aid station,
he says shelling has been heavy, many gas casualties,
the wind has favored the Germans

the night of 24October, “I went out to find a man calling for help,
carried him in and found our aid station blown up.

28 October; I had my mask on, had trouble with the canister
my lungs were burning, I must have collapsed,
must have been on an ambulance wagon away from the front

22 November; “Mother: I am still weak and my lungs
have been feeling pretty bum the last few days.
I hope to be home for Christmas, so prepare a great big feed.”
“I hope you and grandma are feeling fine.  I will return before long,
and write me.”

Call to report for service

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