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Sand Hill gleaners

Sand Hill’s

     Once Nebraska
again in Indiana,
view was only from hidden blinds.
Their grace, their courtship dance
held us in awe.

     Township birds
elongated and aerodynamic
pass close, very close.
Glide just above tasseled corn,
our pleasant surprise

     Trees blind
their modulated wing strokes.
This pair for life, reappear
descend on Tom Sutter’s
golden wheat stubble.

Sand Hill’s are gleaners.

Palmer R. Haynes

© August, 2015

Photos by Catherine Haynes, taken at the Audubon crane blind on the Platte River in 2009

Mornings on the Roof

          -with Parroquia, San Miguel Arcangel-

     Up early
where the air is still, the hand
rail cool
morning birds moan and dogs bark
bus and driver find a gear
     to climb Hidalgo.

         Pear shaped
carnival striped
pilot flames the burners
canopy cheeks bulging hot air
     its rise imperceptible.

         Day two
within stripes a yellow Greek cross
majestically rises full
annunciates distant cathedral
         its main spires.

of inordinate stillness
no fewer than seven ships are aloft
hour on hour they pass, easy
   destinations unknown.

   This last day
solo pilot challenges overcast sky
the rail is still cool
buses make stops, and
    dogs bark.

Palmer R. Haynes

© January, 2015