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New Labor

US Open players laboring racquets smashing yellow balls,
service aces in Arthur Ashe Stadium, Billie Jean King Tennis Center.
Forehands from the baseline, backhands, dink shots,
moon high lob shots, some called in, called OUT!

Am sometime fan remembering the old star names,
struggling to remember those of the future.
Happily celebrating Billie Jean’s recognition,
Sadly retiring memories of Martina and Andre.

They that labor in tennis, my new labor in writing.
Daily musings since February. Beginning again,
our new learning season
granddaughter Hyunji’s and mine.

palmer haynes
September 4, 2006

Oak Wood

Your Oak leaves luster on emergence;
lightly verdant, tender. before aphids laser feasts
or braille clustered galls,
before stripping wind, before sun and desiccating drought.
Yet; each of your photo-synthesizing factories, did vascularly grow this ring of Oak wood.

Palmer Haynes
August 2002