What’s it like

Now your clothes have fallen,
cannot pick them up, put them back.
How do you feel,    naked?
What’s it like,
     for the next six months?

Do your neighbors cast aspersions,
speak disparagingly of your limbs?
What about those evergreen types?
Do they laugh,

Personally, I like the changes.
Fresh wardrobe in the beginning.
Mostly emerald and tall in season.
Colorful costuming before,
      your naked scene.

So how will you keep warm?
An inherited trait? Genetically,
your roots must go very deep.
Almanac states, winter will be cold,
     really cold.

Pray for hydrating rain. Pull-in
your bark.
Stand close to your neighbor.
Make homes for owl,
     and squirrel.

Spring’s really not that far off.
what is the Spring fashion forecast?

November, 2005